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Friday, 20 January 2012

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's Toyboy Tweets: 'Age Is Irrelevant'
Casper Smart has seemed to comment on his romance with J.Lo...
10:11, Friday, 20 January 2012
Jennifer Lopez and her toyboy lover Casper Smart have appeared to comment on their romance, with the dancer dismissing the 18-year age gap between himself and J.Lo as "irrelevant."

The 24-year old, who is rumoured to have been dating the On The Floor singer since last November, wrote on Twitter: "Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite.

"Our ages are mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth and the precious time remaining."

Smart added: "We should all honour our time here by indulging our passion and dreams. So, close your ears and open your hearts; Love and be happy! (sic)". Lopez then quickly retweeted all three of Smart's comments.

He was then asked by one of his followers why he decided to post the above messages, to which Casper replied: "[A] good friend sent it for me and thought it was beautiful and perfect!!! #truth."

The American Idol judge has previously refused to comment on her romance with Smart, telling Ryan Seacrest a few months ago: "I told everybody at the end of the day, until I am in a really serious relationship, because of the babies, I'm not really going to be commenting on my personal life."

The 42-year old diva recently came face-to-face with ex-hubby Marc Anthony when promoting their new TV show Q Viva, with a source telling The Mirror: "They were very polite and made a huge effort but backstage things were tense and their small talk was painful."

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