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Monday, 30 January 2012


Labrinth: "Last Time Is Going To Smash Earthquake

Labrinth Download HERE  has exclusively spoken to about his new single Last Time, stating that the tune is his way of getting a few things off his chest.
The Earthquake hitmaker, who unveiled the track earlier today (30th January), said of the song: "I think it shows another side to what I’m about. I know a lot of people were expecting a more urban/ dub-step kind of record but with this single, I’ve got a lot to get off my chest.
"It’s got like disco-melodies and strings - which you don’t really get in songs much. It’s quite electronic, but when you really listen to the detail of the music, you can understand that it’s really musical, and I think it shows another side."
The super-producer added: "That’s what Labrinth is about, it’s what happens in a labyrinth - you never know what's gonna happen around the corner."
Speaking of surprises, Lab revealed that Hollywood stars Leonardo Dicaprio Download Here , Jamie Foxx and director Steven Spielberg interrupted filming of the Last Time video in Los Angeles.
The 22-year old claimed: "They turned up at the end of the video shoot. We only had a certain amount of time, we had like early in the morning until 9 o’clock in LA and they came in.
"They didn’t gatecrash as we over ran over, but on the other side of the field they were letting off explosions and setting up for a new film and I was a bit like 'well, I’m trying to make a video here!' It was amazing though, it was a moment in my life when I thought 'am I really here?'"
He went on to joke: "We didn’t get to meet them, but hopefully they’ll be in the video next year, but I think the video for Last Time is going to totally smash Earthquake."
As for his debut album Electronic Earth, Lab - real name Timothy McKenzie - revealed that the likes of Emeli Sande are expected to feature, and that he's in talks with US rapper J.Cole about making an appearance.
He explained: "I've worked with Emeli Sande Download Here – we’ve actually done a duet on this album called Beneath You’re Beautiful. I think the song is again another side of me that people haven’t seen yet.
"To me, the record is like the landscape of my mind and if you could see all the different sides, it's very healthy and will help people to get to know what I'm about. They will see that on the album.
"I've also worked with Mike Posner, but he’s not on the record. He helped me write a song on the album. "
He also admitted: "At the moment, I’m on the phone to J.Cole and we are talking about getting one more thing done on the album before we fully wrap it.
"We already have the idea but I think he’s excited about it. It’s a bit of a weird one, you wouldn’t expect J.Cole to be on this record."
Labrinth also recently told us that he's in talks with N-Dubz singer and X Factor judgeTulisa Contostavlos about working on her debut solo LP, stating he's "sure something will happen" between them in the future.
By Joanne Dorken

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