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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lady Gaga

new Italian restaurant plans to take customers to the edge of ravioli.

Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta, the parents of Lady Gaga,Downlaod Ga GA Here have opened a Manhattan restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, theNew York Times reports.

Some fans have already sought it out thanks to a Gaga appearance there on New Year's Eve, but her parents are hoping the eatery won't be overwhelmed with her millions of little monsters.

"One tweet and it's over," Cynthia told the Times.

Instead, Joanne will offer more of a neighborhood feel, albeit one with $25-$30 entrees.

"If they're expecting to come in here and see Grammys and pictures and stuff like that, it's not going to happen," Joseph said, adding that his daughter "generates a lot of sizzle."

Gaga told ABC News in November that "My dad and I opened up a restaurant together," but her father told the Times that the singer is in fact not an owner of the new eatery.

That's not to say Gaga's not in a family business: her nonprofit, the Born This Way Foundation, features Cynthia as a co-founder. The new foundation will launch with an event at Harvard University on Feb. 29.

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