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Monday, 13 February 2012

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd: "It's A Blessing I Didn't Win X Factor"

Lloyd claims she has more freedom when it comes to her music...

Cher Lloyd Albumhas revealed she's 'relieved' that she never won The X Factor, stating that after coming fourth on the 2010 series, she can be more creative with her music.Boxshot
The Swagger Jagger star, who was mentored by Cheryl Cole Albumson the show, claims she has more freedom when it comes to her career, adding that she's glad eventual winner Matt Cardle Albumswent on to take the title instead of her.
Speaking to Fabulous magazine, Lloyd explained: "It's a blessing that I didn't win. I mean, a girl like me was never going to win anyway, but I'm glad I came fourth because otherwise I wouldn't be doing all this now.
"I don't have no one holding me back. No one ever will. I'm allowed to do whatever I want creatively. I might have come from a reality TV show, but I'm not a puppet and I won't be treated like one. You can't put me in a box. If you're going to be somebody, do it your way."MTV
When asked about her rumoured diva-like behaviour during her time on the talent show, Cher went on to confess: "Everyone hated me. I was young and foolish. Part of me was trying to show I was strong enough to do it, and then I think it all got too much for me.
“But I was angry at the way I was being edited. And because I was getting really angry with it, I turned into someone that I don't even know. I turned into this horrible, horrible person with a terrible attitude. Part of me thought: 'Maybe that's how I have to behave to make it.’
“I've definitely changed a lot. I know how to deal with certain situations now, and I've learned to compromise. If there's something I'm not happy with, I say so, but in the right way. Nothing's so bad that it's the end of the world."
She continued: "I've also learned now that people aren't always going to like you. That's just everyday life. I wish I'd known then what I do now and been more carefree. I could have had a good time and not let everything get to me.
"But anyway, once I was out of the competition, I was free. I had nobody to hold me back, nobody to ask questions, no cameras in my face."

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