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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Raconters

In forming The Raconteurs,Downloadfour old friends from Detroit have done the unexpected, they've produced an irresistible and emotional album. This is no self indulgent side-project, Jack White is clearly enjoyingliving with the luxury of musical freedom. "You gotta to learn to live / and live and learn" he muses in "Together".
Standing quite apart from the strict minimalism associated with The White Stripes, this debut is contentedly uninhibited. Tracks hop deftly from Brendan Benson's trademark tender melodies on "Hands" to the quirky pop of "Yellow Sun", with stunning results.
The playful rhythms of "Steady As She Goes" lie in pleasing contrast to the empathetic, angry blues of closing track "Blue Veins". These stylistic twists and turns hold your interest throughout.
Broken Boy Soldiers is proof that The Raconteurs have stories worth telling. 

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