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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jack White

Jack White
DownloadI don't think that could ever happen;gettting together with Whitestripes it's all done. But the lord works in mysterious ways so there'll probably be something better come out of me one day. I hope so, I've got nothing better to do."

White also opened up about his views on being an artist, elaborating that he'd only had three holidays in his life which were all "very short" and that he had never had any desire to spend time at parties or doing drugs
. He said:I feel a responsibility to the music; I've given myself away a long time ago. That's what I do and that's what consumes me every day. I can have a house and a car and have children, and I can go out to eat and do that stuff too, but it's all second and third place to what I've already given myself away to. I can't help myself."NME

The multi-instrumentalist, who also runs vinyl-only label Third Man Records, recently spoke about his feelings regarding the lack of romance involved in modern music technology, explaining that "digital and invisible things make you feel like some other being is in charge of this somewhere else".

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