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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dog Is Dead‘

Dog Is Dead‘s
 Download debut album , which is set for release on 8th October 2012. And if this is what we can expect to hear from the indie-pop fivesome, I couldn’t be more excited!
Although this is not the most ingenious musical endeavor I have ever bestowed upon my ears, the up-beat, yet quaint, tune pays homage to friendship and frivolity, playing at the heartstrings of any folk-pop enthusiast. The video features a thoroughly entertaining jaunt in a vintage Chevrolet, through a variety of comedy backdrops, seeing the band mates dressed in StarTrek costume, fighting off zombies and travelling through Mushroom Kingdom. The music reflects the video flawlessly, embodying the perfect windows-down, stereo blasting, road trip melody. With delightfully constructed guitar phrases and a fair bit of cymbal bashing this is festival music at its best. Close your eyes and you can just imagine crowds of people in straw hats, with hands to the sky, chanting along, the sun shining down on their intrinsically happy faces.

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