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Monday, 17 September 2012

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher
Download Now then comrades. Been a while I know. Been busy though innit? So... let's go back... way back...

I think the last time we spoke I was in the biggest retirement home in the world, that being the isle of Jersey. The gig was great as I recall. I was playing with my old comrades Primal Scream. They were mega. They played some of their new album. Sounded great. As always.

You might be aware of a story about a deadly spider or summat? A load of fabricated nonsense. Great night all the same though.

The next gig was in that other retirement home Bournemouth. Strange gig. Lots of punch-ups!! What the fuck?? It's an odd little place. It does have palm trees though... which is nice.

Next up was my spiritual home of Liverpool. Great show. Magnificent crowd. They never let you down them Scousers. While I'm at it let me say I'm writing this on the day that THE TRUTH has finally been exposed about the Hillsborough disaster. Respect to the family's of the 96 for exposing the lies of Thatcher's government. With my hand on my heart I salute you. Xxxxxx

Now... after that came a magical Friday night in London. Not sure where it came from but the magic happened. Monumental show. Incredible crowd. Unbelievable. One of the best. Nice one.

After that was Cardiff. Pretty fucking good. No fighting... which is quite rare in Wales. They were in fine voice though. I'm losing track now... might have been Nottingham next? It was! Nothing sticks in my mind about the gig apart from having some fun with a lad in the crowd about a hat or summat? Not sure. I'm sure it was fun though.

So to last night at the Roundhouse in London. Part of the iTunes Festival. Easy. Loved it. It's more like a TV show than a gig though. Not much in the way of atmosphere but pretty fucking good all the same. I now have five days off... which is good.

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