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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Robbie Williams

Pre-Order was once so drunk he "pointed and laughed" as Kylie stripped for him…
Despite just becoming a proud new father and being happily married to Ayda Field, Robbie Williams still laments the fact that he "f***ed" his chances with Kylie Minogue, who stripped in front him when the pair were filming the video for their 2000 duet Kids.
Talking to website TheFIX, Rob revealed he was was drunk and high on cannabis at the time, saying:
"I f***ed my chances of ever sleeping with Kylie Minogue. I just pointed at her and laughed!MTV
"I think she quite rightly felt a bit sensitive about me pointing and laughing at her, because I was really f***ing drunk and Kylie Minogue got naked, and I'm like, 'As if my life wasn't surreal enough.'
"It was out of shock more than anything. She'd be lucky to get me pointing and laughing at her now!"
The 'Candy' singer also revealed that he may get a tattoo inspired my his new daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Rose, saying:
"I think I might wait until she's a little bit older and then get her to draw on me, and then I'll get tattooed what she draws. Whatever she does I'm sure it'll be cute."

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