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Friday, 1 February 2013


Amazon was - at one point - amongst the most totemic figures in the dubstep universe.
As the scene has fragmented, though, Scuba has pushed ahead and begun to explore other directions. Third album 'Personality' arrived earlier this year, and found the Berlin based producer exploring a vintage house sound - albeit one which was flushed through with bass weight.
Immediately controversial, the album was a stunningly complete document. Arranging the one off 'Hardbody' release, Scuba is set to confound the purists even further by moving into a more complete house direction. Adding some harsh, brittle tones, at seven minutes it's an ambitious statement from the Hot Flush mainstay.
Out on December 10th, the video for the track arrived online this afternoon. Showcasing a variety of black cubes freefloating in space, the camera pans back to reveal that they are in fact spelling out the producer's name.

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