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Monday, 4 March 2013


Amazon success of their first UK tour and are back in recording mode, with the release of their new single “Follow Baby” on 23/04/12. The boys  seem to have a knack for throwing themselves in the deep end, as the video for “Follow Baby” demonstrates… the band, plus attractive female cohorts, running around strangely pink landscapes, getting serious lip-lock action and jumping out of trees. “Surreal” is one word for it, but my choice would be “unexpectedly engaging”.
Talking first about the video, the director has adopted a very free form approach. The piece tells a story, but not one that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Instead, it feels more like snapshots into the lives of the characters, highlighting moments of pure joy and youthful pleasures. Climbing trees and falling in love, symbols that instantly register with the watcher and remind us of when we were carefree and the world seemed drenched in eternal summer. Perhaps that feeling inspired the choice of the brightly coloured mountains and slow motion action scenes that are mixed in with shots of the band playing on the pink slopes of Devils Dyke, Sussex. The Birmingham four-piece look like they are having a blast being young, talented and beautiful.

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