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Friday, 12 April 2013

The Strypes

The Strypes
Amazon do away with manufactured pop and right the course of popular music by making the long trek back to its very beginnings. It seems the guitar-slinging youth of today are invigorated if thoroughly misguided.
After Jake Bugg and Alex Turner’s most recent haircut come the Strypes and their debut EP, Blue Collar Jane. The Cavan quartet, armed with an obsessive knowledge of rhythm and blues and an impeccable sense of 60s fashion, have crafted three tracks lovingly indebted to their heroes but lacking anything of their own.
It’s near-impossible to be original in the Retromania age, but when bands focus solely on the past for inspiration and wholly dedicate themselves to painstaking imitation, the end result will invariably be records as staid and predictable as Blue Collar Jane. No part of this EP, not even the cover, is a recognisable product of this century and the Strypes have sapped any and all creativity from their process, trading solely on the efforts and reputation of their forebearers.

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