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Wednesday, 24 July 2013



Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo) released last single Let’s Kill Tonight -off junior album Vices and Virtues, though with their absence it’s obvious the guys have not been home twiddling their thumbs (despite what Brendon Urie’s Vine account may depict). While recruiting touring bassist, Dallon Weekes as a full time member, Urie wedding his long-time girlfriend, all while working on their follow up to the 4th album, It seems the trio have had a very busy year and a half.
Now pushing aside the unanswered question whether the band would make an appearance this year, and better yet, whether or not the outcome would be more Pretty.Odd. than we would have wanted, we’re put out of our misery with the very flashy Miss Jackson.
Okay upon first listen we have a feeling we’ve heard an intro like this before, or at least we think we have. Then the penny drops, this intro makes us think of the opening scenes to L.A. Noir, yes the game. I know, it’s random. But with the whole 40s theme with the echoing vocals and faint yet slightly noir- school feel to the backing track, we have to think are Panic! at the Disco are either really big Rockstar game fans or they really are going backwards as opposed to forward.
Though no longer than 12 seconds in and we’re thrusted back into the 21st century with music that is very reminiscent of now and more notably very Fall Out Boy’s My Song Know What You Did In The Dark. With everything from gang vocals, edgy backing tracks and Urie’s signature symphonies laced with a slight speakerphone echo, its evident there’s nothing flowery or Beatles-like here, thank heavens!
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