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Wednesday, 24 July 2013




Hung On Tight

10th most blogged about act in the world — not bad for a bunch of teenagers from Melbourne, Australia. With the release of their first LP Sleep In The Water less than a month away, the band has finally unveiled the video to lead single “Hung On Tight” and it comes as something as a shock to fans of the sunnily psychedelic buzz track “Air” and even the moody “Dance Bear”.
“Hung On Tight” finds the band in a dark, dark place. There’s an intensity and gloominess on display that reminds me of The Cure but then a melodic aspect that is completely original. The haunting song gets a suitably disturbing video. A guy wakes up in an ice bath to discover he’s missing an organ and then decides to sing karaoke before things go really bad. It’s an Australian horror story told with skill and visual flair. Watch the grim visual above.

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