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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Elton John

Elton John
Home Again

first single certainly points in that direction. Musically, the ballad doesn’t sound all that different than many of the slower-tempo songs John has released since that ‘Lion King’ hit almost 20 years ago. Starting spare with just a piano, ‘Home Again’ builds with strings, a lush arrangement and big percussion blasts before coming full circle at the end, closing with the same piano notes that open the song.

Lyrically, John is in a reflective mood, looking back: “I’m counting on the memories to get me out of here,” he sings in the song’s opening line. By the time he gets around to the chorus — “We all dream of leaving but wind up in the end spending all of our time trying to get back home again” — ‘Home Again’ isn’t so much about returning to a place to stay there, but returning to find inspiration.

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