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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lewis Badwan

Lewis Badwan
“Sea Of Trees”,
a whimsical blend of ethnic percussion, spacious synths, Eastern pipe melodies, and soothing vocal lines – all mimicking and expanding on the track’s initial chord pattern in the gaps between the refrain. However, with its contemporary learnings, the track manages to steer clear of that most pernicious of all evils: “new-age”.

Track two, “Watch Yourself”, strips backs some layers in order to experiment with rhythm. Sonorous, percussive bass timbres are set beneath bubbly synths which, at times, are so well matched to the beat that they become practically indistinguishable from it.

“Don’t stop”, a 130 BPM tune, pairs melodic house chords with an 80′s video game inspired lead. As with the tracks preceding it, Badwan adds to a conventional beat a whole host of complementary drum sounds – an endless and tirelessly constructed series of rolls and fills. Nice.

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