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Wednesday, 7 August 2013



Do Or Die

The frontman is back to growling again on 'The Race'; a dark number which disappoints with clichéd lyrics such as "It began with an ending"; but of more interest is 'End Of All Days'. Crunching guitars and synthesisers are stripped down in favour of a haunting piano piece that rewardingly builds to a crescendo as Leto gets ever-more emotive.  It may not get fists pumping at their live shows, but it's certainly one of the more affecting songs on the album, and they soon return to big choruses and "whoa whoa" style vocals on 'Do Or Die'.  For their fans, or The Echelon as they're affectionately referred to, this is the album that was wanted and will be openly embraced.  For those outside this group, all too often it becomes difficult to find anything beyond a superficial enjoyment, hindering a good rock record from becoming a great one.  There are only so many times you can "whoa whoa" before wondering what you're actually singing about.

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