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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro 
,Amazon  is no longer playing second fiddle to Muse, they fill the O2 with steam flumes, snowstorms and fire columns all of their own. The show comes ahead of their summer festival headline slots and on the back of their first No 1 album, Opposites: a darkside/lightside double setting euphoria against alienation in the vein of the Stranglers' Black and White, Nick Cave's Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus, or anyone else who has ever had a Bud Light too many and almost broken up while touring California. The fact that they've got here after six solid albums, but are still most famous as the band who let X Factor's Matt Cardle belittle and retitle their biggest tune, Many of Horror, is evidence that Team Biffy remain a cult, while transcending the narrowness cult status implies.
If anything, Biffy have benefited from their brush with Simon Cowell. The Opposites material that makes up half of tonight's two-hour set is a welcome injection of artful accessibility into an unwieldy catalogue, already leaning towards grandstanding rock choruses by 2007's Puzzle. It borrows the slick crescendos and stadium affectations of 80s-hair metal, but without the lascivious aesthetic of the spandex sex pest. At times it goes further: Black Chandelier is premium highway-rock balladry, the title track is virtually REM in its student-friendliness, and Biblical exhibits the catchy pop that frontman Simon Neil usually saves for his disco side-project Marmaduke Duke, creating something that's as much Whitesnake as it is, ahem, Noah and the Whale.Join This

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