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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tame Impala

Tame Impala 
Amazon were taken direct from Olso to a location somewhere in Germany. Such is the life of a touring musician, though, one which is packed with loading out times, sound checks and an oblivious sense of geography. “At the moment I’m loving it” he reflects. “It’s really nice just to float around and not really enter one room more than once before heading off to the next. It’s kind of cool. I’m loving it at the moment but sometimes the pendulum can swing the other way and you’ll get sick of it”.
On the road to support new album ‘Lonerism’, Tame Impala are buoyed by the overwhelming acclaim lavished on their second full length. A sharp, concise blast of sun-fried psychedelia, it finds Kevin Parker embracing the sounds of the past with a very modern production sense. Seeming to exist in their own universe – one where time zones, decade splash against one another – the title spells out a new philosophy. “Making the idea of the loner into a lifestyle. Lonerism – it’s hard to describe” Parker admits. “I mean, with this album it’s more about trying to connect with people. It’s about connecting with other people – or trying. It’s not really about being alone, or even being happy about being alone. It’s about realising that you’re destined to be”.

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