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Monday, 10 June 2013

Catfish And The Bottleman

 Catfish And The Bottleman
Homesick” is a song I feel wouldn’t work for many bands, and that’s why it sounds so perfect in the hands of Catfish And The Bottlemen. A deep and explosive chorus contrasts with the melodic riffs of the laid-back verses, and although it’s short it is incredibly sweet sounding. Rich in indie-rock goodness, it really is a difficult task to keep myself away from the play button, and seeing as I’ve pressed it so many times the entire song is contently trapped in my brain.
Having worked with producer and Communion co-founder Ian Grimble, it seems that both the label and the lads are agreed on the groups distinctive sound that strikes a sword of familiarity but holds a true uniqueness to a sound they can call their own. This is easily only the beginning for the group, and while I don’t usually like to call things, I’m calling it – Catfish And The Bottlemen are definite ones to watch.The Tube

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