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Friday, 5 April 2013

Lewis Watson

Amazon  With a little help from Zane Lowe in recent months, title track ‘Into The Wild’ is still classic Lewis but slightly more fast paced; the guitar lines swim and layer, beautiful choruses over eloquent vocals which are now familiar to us whilst continuing to demonstrate a freshness and optimism through his acoustic, starlight husk. One thing Lewis does best is evoke imagery and thought within his words, Into The Wild as a track is like winter sunshine.
It Could Be Better is an absolutely stunning track; silky openings with guitar clatters, harmonies and fluent tones sweep over it. The production is impressive and for a musician of this age, the depth and structure of the track is phenomenal. ‘Let’s wipe the slate clean, and I’ll bottle it up again‘ he sings of bruised memories, bittersweet . Lewis explores the engine of the heart, and has a way of expressing feelings and looking at things in ways which are healing, encouraging and warm to his listeners and that in itself is wonderfully powerful. Before we even add in his strength within a live dynamic, vocal and guitar skills.
Little Darling, a track written in Australia is subtle and delicate, again reminiscent and nostalgic of hazy summer days. Lewis’ youthful spirit, whimsical of smitten love, and the burden of distance merge to create gentle tones in this slower number. Fragility is retained and the essence of young love.

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