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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke

Leeward Side, ahead of his new album The Beginning and The End of Everything. His fourth studio album follows the success of its predecessors Memories and Dust (2007), Chimney’s Afire (2008) and Only Sparrows (2011), and its upbeat lead single was the second most played on Triple J over the past couple weeks. Pyke spoke to LUNA about the upcoming album (due out July 6th) and plans to hit the road again in the months ahead.
“Things are ramping up – getting the band and set together for the tour in August, and also balancing family life. It is difficult, but I can’t imagine it’s any more difficult than any other family balancing work and life.”
“This is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do and I get a lot of joy from it. There’s anxiety and the stress of being away from home, but every night I get to play songs for people who want to be there, who paid good money to be there, and that’s a special privilege that I don’t take for granted.”
Pyke describes this record as a personal insight into “the most intense few years” of his life, and he hopes this will make it particularly relatable.

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