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Monday, 29 October 2012

Little Mix

 have revealed they don't see reunited group Girls Aloud as competition, stating they are hugely inspired by Cheryl Cole and CoDownload.
The X Factor winners are gearing up to the release of their debut album DNA on 16th November - a few weeks before GA unleash their greatest hits collection Ten on 26th November.
With a possible chart battle looming, Jesy revealed that Girls Aloud are not their rivals, instead insisting they see comparisons between Little Mix and the Something New hitmakers as a compliment.
Jade agreed: "She’s very talented and working with her was really relaxing. She gave us advice about being in a girlband. We would love to work with her again."MTV
Jesy continued: "She’s got a very similar taste in music to us so it was really easy to work with her. She wrote one of our favourite songs."
Speaking of Going Nowhere, Leigh-Anne revealed: "It’s like an R&B song, it’s cool. It’s got a rap on it and it’s almost going back to how we first started out with rapping and the beat-boxing.
"It was just very raw and it’s like we have sat in a room and just started jamming like we used to do. I think that’s why we like it so much. It reminds us of back in the day."
Little Mix's new single DNA is out on 11th November.

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